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Whats Good and Bad with Falling in Love While On a Trip?

Traveling is a wonderful hobby able to deliver many cool impressions and experiences. Most frequently, they travel around the world to see interesting places and to meet new people from other countries and continents. This is a solid way to discover lifestyles and cultures from the inside, and to become much richer as a personality.
But what if your heart made you go further while on a trip? Is it good or bad to fall in love with a stranger you would never meet otherwise even on snapsext? There are both positive and negative points in such a case. Here below, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of falling in love while traveling.

Pros of Falling in Love While Traveling

Love is a great feeling. Moreover, the internet knows a lot of happy stories between two strangers starting a relationship during a trip and carrying their love through all the years and distances to finally be together. Here are three reasons why falling in love on a trip is great.

1. New Feelings & Cool Experience

Probably the greatest thing about starting a love story with someone while traveling is hidden in a totally random chance for it to happen. The entire life can change and turn upside down within just a few days, hours, or even minutes spent with someone you feel truly in love with. And even if that short romance ends up with nothing, you’ll still have the light and happy memories about it with you all the time.

2. Common Hobby

This actually works great if you fall in love with the other traveler. Think about that: you have one thing in common at once. A hobby you share has a great chance to become the solid pillar of that newborn relationship.

3. Great Possibilities

The life-changing potential of such a meeting is huge. The mutual love that starts at a random and unexpected moment can be the strongest feeling in the universe when both of you carry it through the time and distance till a new meeting occurs to unite your fates forever.

Cons of Falling in Love On a Trip

Unfortunately, falling in love with a stranger while traveling has some weak points worth considering at once. Here below, we show three most critical issues you should be aware of in that case. Please note that they don’t mean your relationship is bound to fail. Just stay aware.

1. Unknown Consequences

The unpredicted life change may become a scary thing soon after the euphoria of the first meeting disappears. Neither you nor your partner can be sure about each other’s feelings to be sincere at 100% and not just some burst of hormones. The lack of confidence can cause serious discomfort and become the reason for one of the partners to refuse supporting even the most promising contact.

2. Distance

That’s just obvious. The doubts and questions about the distance between two people in love have been the topics of thousands of discussions both online and offline. Just in case you missed them all, keep in mind that distance is probably the most challenging obstacle to overcome when in a relationship.

3. Cultural & Lifestyle Differences

This point is frequently neglected by people in love far more than it should be. When lovers originate from different countries or continents, one can easily say they belong to two different worlds. The difference in lifestyles of two persons is especially dangerous to become the source of disappointment after a couple passes through all the trials and finally decides to live together. When this becomes your case, that relationship you managed to keep through the time and distance just turns into a complete waste of time.