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Welcome to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)
District 7 Safety Summit Website

GOAL: Reduce Fatalities and Injuries

On May 10, 2012, the Florida Department of Transportation District Seven Safety Office hosted the Second Annual District Seven Safety Summit for all the safety partners in Tampa Bay. Participants were treated to presentations on Florida's Strategic Highway Safety Plan, District and local government safety programs and initiatives, statewide and local crash trends, and an exciting new program providing federal safety funds for local government safety projects. The Safety Office is once again planning a Safety Summit for this year which will build on the success of last year and provide even more valuable information on how local governments can take advantage of available federal highway safety funds.


The purpose of the Safety Summit is to:

  • Provide a common understanding of District 7 traffic crash issues to FDOT and local agency management-level staff.

  • Provide a briefing on current efforts/strategies including the District's planned roll-out of an off-system safety improvement program including annual commitments for:

    • $500,000+ off-system safety improvement design support (including LAP project design)
    • $1,500,000+ Safety Routes to School engineering & education programs
    • TBD $ for High Risk Rural Highway program
    • $350,000+ off-system safety engineering & education support (including CTST education, Safety Ambassadors & LAP support)
    • $2,000,000+ off-system safety project funding for intersection safety, pedestrian safety, and rural lane departure countermeasures

  • Discuss concepts and frameworks to enhance FDOT and local agency coordination moving forward.